Founder, Sugar Babe Confections

Drew Harmansky
Founder, Sugar Babe Confections

Sugar Babe Confections was started in 2012 after many years of practice and creation. When I was a little girl, I started baking with my Mom and helping with holiday breads and cookies of all kinds. I love how having a cookie or a piece of pie can bring you back to a wonderful place like nothing else. I have such fond memories walking into my Aunt’s house during the holidays and smelling the fresh apple pie. The feeling that gave me will always stay with me. To this day, I always save room for dessert.

I believe that giving someone a box of cookies or cupcakes is not just about eating dessert, but an opportunity to show someone you care about them, to share, and to show them you want them to be happy. The eating part is not half bad either!

I can’t get an ice cream without adding sprinkles to it because those cute little colorful pieces of candy make me smile. That encompasses the philosophy I live by and bake by; make it colorful, make it pretty, make it fun and everything else will fall into place. Sugar Babe Confections was created to bring smiles to faces. I love to create desserts that help remind you of a simpler time of life and I would love to make you something special. Please feel free to email or call me if you have your heart set on something and do not see it in my shop. I am always up for a new creation and I am here to make you happy.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to save room for dessert!